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MOMA Scholarship Scheme 2017-18 –

MOMA Scholarship Scheme 2017-18

MOMA Scholarship Scheme of Merit cum means based scholarship to students belonging to minority communities and post-matric scholarships for students belonging to the minority communities. It is mandatory for all applicants to apply online through official portal website i.e. on or before last date.

Name – MOMA Scholarship

Website Address –

Last Date – 30th September 2017

Year – 2017-18


• 30 percent of scholarships are reserved for girls candidates which can be transferable to any other male student of the same community if there is a non-availability of female candidates.

• Candidates must secured 50% marks in the final examination

• Not more than Two candidates from the same family

• Scholarship allocation to States or Union Territories on the basis of population of minority candidates

• The scholarship scheme is implemented through the State Government or Union Territory Administration

• Candidates cannot avail any other scholarship from any other source

• Scholarship will be given to pursue degree and post graduate level for technical and professional courses from any recognized institute.

• Candidate who gets admission to pursue technical or professional course, on the basis of a competitive exam will be eligible for scholarship.

• Candidate who gets admission in technical or professional course without giving any competitive exam are also eligible for the scholarship but the candidate must have 50% marks at higher secondary level or graduation level.

• Selection will be made on merit basis.

• Candidates cannot avail any other scholarship from any other source.

• The annual income of the parents or guardians of scholarship holder should not be more than Rs.2.50 lakh (Rupees Two Lakh and Fifty Thousand) from all sources.

• If the scholarship distribution target does not reached to the particular minority community in a state or Union Territory, Then scholarship will be distributed among the same community of other States or Union Territory strictly on the basis of merit.

• The total number of scholarships has been fixed state wise on the basis of the minority population of individual states or Union Territory.

Number of Scholarship: Every year 20000 scholarships will be distributed among the students of minority communities throughout the country. Based on the state-wise population of these communities, the distribution of scholarship will be as under:

Click Here to See State wise Religion wise Target

Rate of Scholarship:

S.No. Financial Assistance Type Rate for hostler Rate for Day-Scholar
01. Maintenance Allowances (For Ten months only) Rs.10,000/- PA 
(Rs.1000/- PM)
Rs.5,000/- PA
(Rs.500/- PM)
 02. Course Fee Rs.20,000/- PA  Rs.20,000/- PA
Total   Rs.30,000/- Rs.25,000/-PA

• Maintenance allowance will be paid from 1st of April or from the admission month (maintenance allowance including holidays) maximum two times in a year, if the scholarship holder secure the admission after 20th day of a month, then the amount will be paid from the month of admission.

• In case of scholarship renewal, maintenance allowance will be paid from the month of admission following the month up to which scholarships was paid in the last year, if the course is continuous.

• The Govt. of the State or UT Administration, to which they belong, the procedure will laid down by them the scholarship amount will be paid to the selected and eligible students.

• Scholarship amount will not be paid for the internship or houseman-ship period in the MBBS course or for practical training in any other course if the candidates is in receipt of some stipend during their internship or houseman-ship period or some stipend during the practical training in any other course.

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Term and Conditions:
• The scholarships are totally dependent on the basis of the satisfactory progress and conduct or behavior of the scholarship holder. If any case the scholar has been failed to make the satisfactory progress or the scholar seen misconduct like taking part in a strikes, absence without any valid reason etc., In that case the authority will cancel or stop the scholarship or withhold future payments

• If the authority will find the students are obtaining a scholarship with fake statement, then his or her scholarship will be cancelled and the amount will be recovered from the scholars. Student will get blacklisted and debar for scholarships in any scheme lifelong.

• A scholarship will be cancelled if the scholarship holder changes the subject of their course of study. The Institution will stop the payment and may also recover the scholarship amount.

• The rules and regulations can be changed anytime as per the Government of India.

Funding Pattern: The scholarship scheme has been implemented by the State Govt. and UT administrations that receive 100% central assistance from Govt. of India for the total expenses under the scheme.

How to Apply 2017-18 Scholarship Online:

• Application form in a prescribed format and separate application format for fresh and renewal of scholarship

• One Passport size photo with signature of the student

• Attested copy of certificates, diploma, degree etc,

• An income certificate

• Permanent residence proof document

• Applications form may be submitted to the Secretary of the, department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory administration

• The candidate should submit their application form to the state which they belongs to.

Last Date – 30th September 2017

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